The coolest beds for grown-ups at Lilyvolt com

Check out 75 of the coolest beds for grown-ups

From the funky to the luxurious, we have pictures of more than 70 mazing beds that come in grown-up sizes, and will bring out the kid in any adult – no matter if you’re in Generation X, Y or Z.

Woman cleaning glass surface with a sponge

How to clean your house fast

Here are 27 shortcuts, efficiency-boosters and other tidy tips from the experts to help make cleaning your house faster and easier… and hopefully a little more painless.

Pretty white chicken in the backyard with pink flowers

Should you raise backyard chickens?

Whether you’re in the city or the suburbs, it’s become downright trendy to raise backyard chickens. Here’s what to consider before you start a flock.

25 ways to live a simpler life

25 ways to live a simpler life

Simplifying may be harder than you think, but here are some 25 ways to live a simpler life — which can save you money, time and stress.

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