The coolest beds for grown-ups at Lilyvolt com

Check out 75 of the coolest beds for grown-ups

From the funky to the luxurious, we have pictures of more than 70 mazing beds that come in grown-up sizes, and will bring out the kid in any adult – no matter if you’re in Generation X, Y or Z.

San Antonio River Walk - Colorful umbrellas

5 ways to travel more for less

Not having much money to travel doesn’t stop people from wanting to get out of town. But you don’t need to have a big budget to make major memories!

Fingers with a mosquito - Bug bites

Keeping bug bites at bay

While the thought of a bug crawling makes you flinch, most insect bites are harmless and fade on their own. Here’s how to avoid these pests and their bites.

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