How to roast peppers

Roasted yellow green and red bell peppers

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Many grocery stores carry jars of roasted red bell peppers packed in olive oil or water. But why limit yourself to store-bought varieties when roasting your own is so easy?

Roast your own peppers

Home-roasting lets you use any kind of pepper you like — including orange or yellow bell peppers (store-bought jars are usually red), poblanos, chipotle, and jalapeno peppers.

Roasted peppers make a divine topping for burgers or grilled fish. They can also be pureed with olive oil for a dynamite sauce or salad dressing, included in salsas for a smoky chip dip, or added to marinara to spice up a pasta dish.

Keep roasted peppers refrigerated in an airtight container for up to a week.

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Ways to roast bell peppers

Directions on how to roast peppers

Roasting peppers: Gas burner method

Place peppers directly on stovetop gas burner over high heat. Use tongs or a long fork to frequently turn peppers as skins get blackened and charred.

When all sides are charred, enclose peppers in a paper bag or place in a bowl and cover tightly with plastic wrap for 15 minutes. This will steam the peppers and loosen their skins, making them easier to peel.

Allow to cool, then remove the skin with your fingers, cut the peppers in half and remove seeds.

Roasting bell peppers on the BBQ grill
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Roasting peppers: Broiler method

Preheat broiler. Cut peppers in half lengthwise and remove seeds. Place on a broiler pan or rimmed baking sheet.

Place peppers skin side up on pan or sheet, and broil two to three inches from heating element until peppers are blistered and blackened all over.

Remove from oven and seal in a paper bag or bowl to steam for 15 minutes. Allow to cool, then remove skins and use as desired.

Roasting peppers: Outdoor grilling method

Preheat grill/BBQ to high. Cut peppers into quarters and remove seeds. Lay the peppers skin-side down with about an inch of space between each piece.

Watch peppers closely to get the degree of roasting you prefer — typically about 10 minutes or so per side until they are blistered and blackened. Place peppers in a paper bag or place in a bowl and cover tightly with plastic wrap for 15 minutes, then remove the skins.

Michele Borboa Stafford, MS

Michele Borboa Stafford, MS

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