Trolls – those dolls that are so ugly they’re cute – are somehow still a thing in the 2020s

Vintage Trolls - Retro dolls with big hair

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Trolls — those small dolls with the big hair that seemed to inevitably end up in the bottom of the toy box with the forgotten old Happy Meal collectibles — were introduced in the mid-60s… and they’re still here.

For something so hideous (one vintage ad called them “the only doll in the world that’s so ugly she’s cute” — the cute part being debatable), they have shown really remarkable longevity.

Vintage Trolls - Dolls from the 1960s
Vintage Trolls via
Trolls & Erin Condren planners

Popular paper planner brand Erin Condren is one of many companies getting in on the modern-day troll dolls action. They just launched a Trolls branded set of organizers to transport people “to a world of organization filled with color, music and happiness.”

“So many of us grew up with Trolls and are finding a renewed love through our kids,” says Tonia Misvaer, CEO at Erin Condren.

“This collection allows us to share this nostalgia and joy while helping people organize their lives to live it to the fullest,” Misvaer added. “The Trolls encourage individuality, inclusiveness, and embracing others, and these values are at the core of our team and the Erin Condren brand.”

The collection is said to “celebrate productivity and positivity” while featuring the Trolls from DreamWorks Animation’s hit franchise as well as nostalgic, classic Good Luck Trolls designs — appearing on planners, notebooks, accessories and more.

Erin Condren Trolls products

Amazingly, DreamWorks Trolls are more than just making their debut on fancy paper portfolios. Today’s characters — redesigned with a more modern-day animation style —  have become an entertainment juggernaut, and are the subject of movies, TV shows, video games, and live touring shows (in addition to being available just as toys).

That’s a pretty weighty pedigree for a vintage doll that was called a “Dam Mini Troll” more than 50 years ago, when each one cost less than a buck.

Even if you thought the retro versions resembled a Cabbage Patch kid crossed with a Weepul, as seen through beer goggles, you have to give the creatures credit for bringing home the a steady paycheck.

You can check out the Erin Condren Trolls line at Amazon and beyond.

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