10 tips for becoming a volunteer

Volunteers packing canned goods at a food pantry

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Volunteer — you? Why would you want to sign up for that?

Well, the first and biggest benefit people get from volunteering is the satisfaction of incorporating service into their lives and making a difference in their community and country.

The intangible benefits alone — such as pride, satisfaction, and accomplishment — are worthwhile reasons to give someone (or many someones) a helping hand.

To help you begin, here are 10 ways you can get started on giving back.
Becoming a volunteer: How to get started

1. Research the causes or issues that are important to you.

Look for a group that deals with issues about which you feel strongly.

2. Consider what you have to offer.

If you enjoy outdoor work, or have a knack for teaching, you may want to look for a volunteer opportunity in which your special skills can be utilized.

Similarly, you may want to think about your specific personality and how your organization skills or communication style might fit with different organizations or activities.

3. Would you like to learn something new?

Consider whether the organization offers training or professional development opportunities for their volunteers. Volunteering can provide you with the chance to learn about something you’re interested in and develop skills in a new area.

4. Find an organization in line with your interests.

When you do, request an interview and plan for it in much the same way that you would plan for a job interview. Be ready to describe your interests, qualifications, and background, and also be prepared to ask your interviewers about their organization and the benefits they offer to their volunteers.

An interview will allow both you and the organization to find the right match for your skills and interests.

5. Think outside the box!

Many community groups that are looking for volunteers, like neighborhood watch programs, prisons, disaster relief organizations, youth organizations, intergenerational programs, and park services may not have occurred to you but could just be the perfect fit.

6. Find the volunteer activity that fits your schedule.

Organizations need different levels of commitment for different types of volunteer activities. Serving as a mentor, for example, will require a regular, intensive commitment, while volunteering for a walk-a-thon is a seasonal commitment.

7. Don’t wait to be asked.

There are many ways to find organizations that are looking for volunteers. Ask your friends or colleagues about their own volunteering activities.

The internet has great online volunteer referral services, including volunteer.gov — or try visiting your local volunteer center. These services can help you to find the right volunteer opportunity for you.

8. Volunteer with friends or as a family.

Think about looking for a volunteer opportunity that would be suitable for parents and children to do together, or for husband and wife or a group of friends to take on as a team. Volunteering with others can be a great way to get to know people better and can help keep you excited about volunteering.

9. Virtual volunteering — yes, there is such a thing.

If you have computer access and the necessary skills, some organizations now offer the opportunity to do volunteer work over the computer. This can be a great way to get started in volunteering, and can also provide a way to volunteer at home on a flexible schedule.

10. Don’t give up!

If you find that your volunteering experience is not all that you expected, talk to your volunteer supervisor or coordinator about it. Think of what could make it better and check with them to see if your ideas are possibilities.

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