Square Journal: Free layout pages for bullet journalers

Square Journal Free layout pages for bullet journalers

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Love the bullet journal concept? Check out all four of the Square Journal: Dot Grid Book & Bullet Planners we helped make — and get free bonus guided layout inserts to help you get organized and motivated below.

Sized just to fit the Square Journals, the layouts below are bonuses you can download, print and then tape or glue into your newest bullet planner!

[ See all four of the Square Journals right here ]


Each book gives you 104 dot-grid formatted pages, a numbered table of contents, a key page, a place for notes, and one layout. But if you want more guided layouts, we have them here for you! Click on any of the images below to get a larger downloadable version.

Printing notes: The bullet journal pages below were created specifically to fit our Square Journals. Most printers default to printing at 8.5″ x 11″ with a margin, which will work in most cases. However, if the layouts below they print too large or too small, set your printer’s image size to be 8.25″ by 8.25″ to ensure the download fits your book perfectly.

Free Square Journal layout pages to print

Parties & celebrations (with balloons)


Travel (with suitcases)


Dreams (with clouds)


Samples of more pages from the books

The Square Journals Dot Grid Books & Bullet Planners (1)

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