10 simple summer beauty tips

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Where would you go for advice on how to look your best this summer?

Yeah, well… we couldn’t go to a spa, either, so we asked beauty expert Susie Galvez, spa owner and author of You Are So Going To Thank Me For This, for some hot tips for cool looks that will keep you looking your best all summer long.

10 summer beauty tips to help you beat the heat

1. Cool scents

We have all heard about keeping fragrances in the refrigerator for a fast cool down in hot weather.

But did you know that you could also cool down quickly by keeping cleansing gels, toners, and moisturizers in the fridge as well? It seems our faces are the first to show the signs of heat, so put the product where the fire is.

To refresh fast, cleanse off old weather-worn makeup with a cooled cleanser, continue by applying toner with a cotton ball to all areas of the face as well as the back of the neck and décolletage area to revive and freshen up.

Finish by applying a dab of cooled moisturizer — or if you are planning on going out, a tinted moisturizer will add life without a lot of coverage — perfect for the warm summer evenings.

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2. Lip appeal

To get rid of dry, cracked, over-baked lips, try putting a bit of petroleum jelly on the lips and rub with a soft-bristle toothbrush, dedicated just for this purpose. Open a vitamin E capsule and apply over the top of the freshly exfoliated lips.

For any vitamin E leftovers, gently rub them into your fingernail cuticles to rehydrate them as well. Keep lips hydrated by always keeping them covered either with lipstick or protective balm.

3. Sands of time

To escape to the beach anytime — if only in your mind — enjoy the footprint exfoliation treatment.

Mix 1/2 cup of sand (if you are far from the beach, you can get it at home improvement and craft stores), one tablespoon of sea salt, and 1/2 cup of olive oil in a bowl. Gently massage feet and legs with the mixture over a big basin.

Rinse feet in slightly cool water to remove any excess. Pat dry and relish the smoothness. Perfect for summer sandals!

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4. Take a sea cure

A sudden breakout? Fix it fast with 4 ounces of warm water and one teaspoon of sea salt. Mix well.

Dip a cotton pad in the solution and apply to the area. Keep the pad in place for 2-3 minutes. Repeat with a new cotton ball. Leave it on for longer if you like. Pat dry.

For larger areas, such as your back, soak a hand towel in the solution and apply it to the back area for 10 minutes. Rinse and pat dry.

5. Beach baby

A walk along a sandy beach is a great way to strengthen and tone legs. Running in and out of the waves is also good for the feet, as saltwater has marine extracts and minerals that help soothe and smooth the skin.

Take off your shoes, and your cares, and start strolling.

6. Turn down the heat

If hot weather makes you overly moist, try adding a bit of baking soda to your body powder before applying. Baking soda will absorb any excess moisture as well as odor.

If your underarms have a tendency to stain garments, put a little baking soda over the deodorant to set and protect your clothes.

7. Glam gams

To show off toned, and self-tanned legs, use a body moisturizer that contains shimmering ingredients, such as gold or bronze flecks. Sun tanning places often carry these products for their clients to show off their tan — now you can show off too, without the sun damage.

A quick at-home version is to mix a bit of hair shine serum with a little bit of shimmery face powder and rub it onto your legs.

8. When life gives you lemons, take a soothing lemon soak

Slice a lemon into thin slices, sprinkle over a tub of warm water and immerse yourself in the wonderful aroma. Lemons contain citric acid, which is an excellent dead skin remover. The juice aids in gently cleansing, and the oil from the lemon peel softly hydrates. This is an excellent cure for sunburned skin.

9. Cheers!

Rinsing hair with champagne brings out blonde highlights. Conditioning the hair with beer adds sheen to your tresses. So the next time you indulge, save a little summer “cheer” for your hair.

10. Wave hello

If summer plans call for an ocean dip, before you go, braid your hair in two or more braids. Swim and have fun. As you walk along the shore, allow the sea breeze to dry your hair.

After drying, take out the braids and run your fingers in the wonderful waves Mother Nature shared with you on your day at the beach: easy, breezy, wavy, wonderful summer hair!

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